Oximeter And Peak Flow Meter

An oximeter is a portable, non-invasive instrument used to measure arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heartbeat (pulse) in adults and children. Suitable for use at home or on the go, and also suitable for use in medical institutions. Using a blood oxygen meter with medical grade accuracy gives you greater peace of mind.

  • microlife手臂式血壓計 upper arm blood pressure monitor

    Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    Upper arm-type blood pressure monitors have high accuracy and stability, hence more people choose them.

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  • microlife wrist blood pressure monitor 手腕式血壓計不但較便攜

    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Wrist blood pressure monitors are not only more portable, but also allow users to use them without taking off a lot of thick clothes on cold weather days. Therefore, many elderly people choose them.

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  • microlife 測溫計產品


    Thermometer requires fast, accurate, reliable and hygienic and safe measurement. It is designed for measuring body temperature in a very short time to ensure the most accurate body temperature value.

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