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Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood upon the walls of the blood vessels. The height of the pressure is determined by the amount of blood the heart pumps and the resistance of the arteries.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is also known as High or Raised blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure. Blood is carried from the heart to all parts of the body in the vessels. Each time the heart beats, it pumps blood into the vessels. Blood pressure is created by the force of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels (arteries) as it is pumped by the heart. The higher the pressure the harder the heart has to pump. [1]


Systole (SYS): This is also known as the upper blood pressure. It is the maximum pressure that is exerted by the blood upon the blood vessels.
Diastole (DIA): This is also known as under blood pressure. It is the minimum pressure that is exerted by the blood upon the blood vessels.
Pulse rate (PUL): This is the number of heartbeats per minute.


Due to the presence of a doctor or nurse during blood pressure measurement in a clinical environment, the blood pressure of most people is higher than at home. This is called “white coat effect”. For this reason there are different blood pressure values for blood pressure at the doctor’s office than at home. The threshold values of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) are as follows:


Atrial fibrillation (AF) causes high risk of stroke. It leads to a 5-fold higher risk of stroke and is responsible for 20% of all strokes. Approximately 40% of AF patients have no symptoms so that many of them are diagnosed by coincidence when hospitalized for other reasons, including stroke. Microlife AFIB Patented Technology is the world's only, medically proven technology for blood pressure devices that detects dangerous Atrial fibrillation (AF). The high degree of accuracy has been proven several times in clinical trials and has been recommended by international specialists and physicians.[2]


An excessively elevated arterial blood pressure initially acts on the blood vessels by making their walls more rigid and thicker. Over the long term, it can have serious consequences for organs such as the heart, the brain or the kidneys. It remains an important risk factor in cardiovascular diseases. Stroke and heart attack are the most frequently observed consequences in persons with untreated Hypertension (high blood pressure).


Hypertension (high blood pressure) induces few symptoms, and many people are unaware that they suffer it. However, this silent killer can increase your risk of serious consequences such as a heart attack, a stroke, or kidney damage. Therefore, a record of daily at-home measurements can be very useful and informative. It can give an accurate picture of your blood pressure which can provide your doctor important information to diagnose if you may have Hypertension, or determine whether your current treatments are effective to control and lower your Hypertension.


Began in 1981, MICROLIFE become one of the world market leaders in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipments, their blood pressure monitors perform measurements by applying the so called “oscillometric method”. This method is well accepted worldwide for over 30 years and is also used in hospitals, whenever the blood pressure measurement of patients is intensively checked and has to be highly accurate. Thereby, the blood pressure is determined by analysing the pressure oscillations that can be measured during the deflation period of the cuff pressure.

Microlife can provide you the correct blood pressure monitor for every need.


Blood pressure constantly fluctuates, even in rest condition. Hence, doctors and hypertension societies recommend taking at least two readings every time and average the results. Several measurements provide much more reliable information about the blood pressure than just one single measurement.

Microlife recommends using blood pressure monitors with implemented MAM technology with which automatically takes 3 measurements in less than three minutes and then the average is displayed.


It is recommended that all adults should have their blood pressure checked regularly. Whether acute or preventative, blood pressure can be influenced with easy measures.
1. If your blood pressure is high, please consult your doctor
2. General lifestyle measures could help to lower the blood pressure

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