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  • Microlife專利PAD心律不正偵測技術

    The PAD technology (Pulse Arrhythmia Detection) analyses pulse frequency and detects irregular heart beats during blood pressure measurement. If an irregular heart beat occurs during the measurement, the PAD symbol is displayed. PAD does not replace a cardiac examination, but it serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage.

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PAD Technology

During the blood pressure measurement process, through calculation formulas and graphic comparisons, the arrhythmia technology (PAD) can accurately detect regular and irregular arrhythmia symptoms such as too fast and too slow, and display electrocardiogram-like ripples on the display. Symbol warning icon. Although PAD irregular heart rhythm detection technology cannot replace a comprehensive heart examination in the hospital, it can be used to detect abnormal heartbeat symptoms early and allow patients to seize the opportunity to seek medical treatment.


All Microlife blood pressure monitors with PAD technology detect heart arrhythmias during a blood pressure measurement. This is automatically done by the device without the need for any adjustments. Unlike most common monitors, Microlife devices can distinguish between arrhythmias and artefacts due to great technical and physiological precision in measurements.

The following symbol indicates that certain pulse irregularities were detected during the blood pressure measurement.

How do you know if you may have an irregular heart rhythm?

When the following warning icon appears on the screen of your blood pressure monitor, it means that an irregular heart rhythm has been detected during blood pressure measurement.

  • 當您的血壓計屏幕出現以下警示圖標 PAD心律不正

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