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This FORA TM10 Wearable Temperature Monitor is a Bluetooth temperature monitor with temperature detection and low-voltage display to measure underarm temperature accurately and monitor temperature instantly.


Key Features :

  • Easy To Use: Wearable Temperature Monitor design, the breathable and skin-friendly arm band passed the safety test, it is easy to use, soft and washable. And it will not cause allergies easily
  • High Accuracy: The average deviation of measured temperature is +/- 0.1 °C
  • High/ Low Temperature Alarm: Parents can set temperature alarms for reminding them once the temperature is out of expecting (too high/ low)
  • Continuous Temperature Monitoring: Smart wireless Bluetooth technology helps parents 24 hours monitor baby's temperature easily
  • Wireless Monitoring Baby Status: Parent does not have to accompany the baby to check his/her body temperature from time to time and will not scare to wake their baby up
  • The suction cups underneath the support and mat allow it to be firmly attached to the bath


Product Specification :

  • The battery can be measured continuously for up to 150 hours
  • The length of arm band is 12cm-20cm
  • Warranty: 1 year after purchase
  • Pattern: Two different colours and patterns of arm band (pink / light yellow) are available
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